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How Politicians Keep the Public in Danger from Violent Crime

Monday October 3rd, 2016   •   Posted by K. Lloyd Billingsley at 10:00am PDT   •  

CopCarCrimeScene_L-1The southern part of California’s capital city of Sacramento is home to many Asian immigrants, and during the past year, according to news reports, violent criminals have been preying on innocent residents. Muggings, robberies and home invasions have victimized 300-400 Chinese immigrants and prompted some to sell their home at a loss and move out of the city. As Richard Chang noted in the Sacramento Bee, Asians have been “terrorized,” and now “are afraid to go out after dark.” In the typical pattern, the attacks come as people exit their cars, at their residence or in a parking lot.

For the embattled residents, police response did not keep pace with the threat, and they demanded action from the city council. The crime wave continued, however, and has spiked in recent months. The south Sacramento residents, including waitresses, construction workers and store owners, began forming civilian volunteer patrols to protect themselves and their property. The local authorities, however, had a problem with that.

A former sheriff told reporters the volunteer patrols could be “an absolute recipe for disaster.” So far they have not been, but the volunteers have averted several robberies.

“Armed patrols are not the answer,” according to Sacramento mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg, a former state Senate boss known for high taxes, nepotism and censorship.

Outgoing mayor Kevin Johnson set a better example at a recent community event, when an Occupy Wall Street re-enactor snuck up behind Johnson and struck him in the face with a pie. Johnson, a former NBA star, tackled the assailant and punched him out. As he explained, “When somebody comes up from behind you and slugs you – and in my case you didn’t know what it was at the time and thought it was a punch – you have a right to defend yourself.”

The embattled Asian immigrants agree. As one told reporters, “In America, everyone should have the ability to protect oneself.” Politically correct, anti-gun politicians would rather leave everyone vulnerable to violent crime. If that is not abuse it’s hard to know what to call it.

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