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The Sexual Abuse Inherent in the System

Wednesday May 9th, 2018   •   Posted by K. Lloyd Billingsley at 9:43am PDT   •  

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman is the latest target of the #Me Too movement, with four women charging that Schneiderman abused them, calling one his “brown slave” and making her say that she was “his property.” Schneiderman, a self-proclaimed advocate for woman, dismissed it as “role playing,” and says he never crossed the line into actual abuse. New York governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t having it, tweeting, “no one is above the law, including New York’s top legal officer,” and calling for Schneiderman to resign, which he did. Women, parents, students and taxpayers might contrast a California abuse case.

In Roseville, near Sacramento, officials placed a teacher on leave for sexually harassing a 14-year-old student. Education bureaucrats did not reveal the abuser’s name but according to news reports it’s Doug Mason. He claims, “while I may have made some mistakes in judgment as I strived to support and be accessible to my students, I emphatically state that I have not engaged in sexual assault or harassment. I have never touched a student inappropriately.” Superintendent Ron Severson told reporters the teacher “has a history of inappropriate behavior, but he staggered the incidents so only the most recent case qualifies under that.” So they are pushing for a new law that would allow administrators to consider an employee’s disciplinary history beyond the four years currently allowed by law.

As it emerged, the teacher union will negotiate a severance, because according to Laura Preston, of the California School Administrators Association, “It costs about $250,000 minimally to get rid of a teacher,” and “even if an employee is in jail we have to allow them to go through the dismissal process.” So abusive teachers can easily exploit the system and get paid while the case is pending, without performing any work. Extending consideration of disciplinary hearings, is not going to fix this atrocity, which is inherent in the system.

The government K-12 system a collective farm of failure and facilitates sexual abuse of minor students. Parents need the power to select an independent school and take their money with them. No California or federal politician is currently pushing such a system as a matter of basic civil rights. So the sexual abuse of students will continue, at unacceptable cost to parents and taxpayers.

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