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How Politicians Keep the Public in Danger from Violent Crime

Monday October 3rd, 2016   •   Posted by K. Lloyd Billingsley at 10:00am PDT   •   1 Comment

The southern part of California’s capital city of Sacramento is home to many Asian immigrants, and during the past year, according to news reports, violent criminals have been preying on innocent residents. Muggings, robberies and home invasions have victimized 300-400 Chinese immigrants and prompted some to sell their home at a loss and move…
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DOJ Slush Fund to Bail Out Obamacare?

Monday October 3rd, 2016   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:03am PDT   •   1 Comment

This summer, Americans learned that the Obama administration transferred billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in the form of cash to Iran in exchange for the release of U.S. hostages and Iran’s acceptance of a deal to delay its development of nuclear weapons for 10 years. Since Iran made the release of the U.S. hostages…
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