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California Is a Sanctuary for Bad Government

Monday December 5th, 2016   •   Posted by K. Lloyd Billingsley at 11:05am PST   •  

41387665 - california state outline and icon inset under a magnifying glassSanctuary cities decline to enforce U.S. immigration laws and comply with federal customs and immigration enforcement. President-elect Donald Trump’s crusade against sanctuary cities is supposed to be a blow against criminals, but as Chriss W. Street of Breitbart shows, California could suffer serious consequences.

There are some 300 sanctuary cities and counties nationwide and four Democrat-controlled “Sanctuary States” that also defy federal immigration law. Due to low population, Connecticut, New Mexico, and Colorado receive relatively small amounts of federal dollars. On the other hand, California, with the nation’s largest population, is “the top receiver of federal funds in the nation.”

By Street’s count, of California’s $252.5 billion in total estimated government spending for fiscal year 2015, the federal government kicked in $93.6 billion, a full 37 percent, and “that works out to a stunning $6,451 for every man, woman and child in the state.” Health and Human Services gets the biggest chunk, at 52 percent, and 25 percent goes to local government general revenues for “Labor and Workforce Development.” Education gets 14 percent, and transportation 6 percent, with 2 percent for “Legislative, Judicial and Executive.” General government gets only 1 percent, but that includes the environment, natural resources, and “Corrections and Rehabilitation.”

Moody’s Global Credit Research finds California to be the “least prepared large state to weather the next recession” and has warned municipal bondholders that plummeting financial conditions would result in “large numbers of municipal bankruptcy findings.” Given the state’s precarious financial condition, Street warns, “any cut-off of federal funds by the Trump Administration could bankrupt California and many of the state’s local government entities.”

That’s what happens in a wasteful, overspending state with little accountability and heavy dependency on the federal government. Meanwhile, California’s status as a sanctuary state for criminals and fugitives is not a new development. Dennis Banks of the American Indian Movement was convicted of riot and assault for a 1973 courthouse gun battle in South Dakota. Banks fled to California and Governor Jerry Brown refused to extradite him.

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