Govt. Admin and Personnel

So long as government is as big as it is, the cost of maintaining the bureaucracy and providing benefits to its employees will remain enormous. Any suggestion about cutting government, even a little bit, is often met with hysterical talk about government employees being put out in the cold. Although this is often exaggerated and spun for political gain, it is true that personnel benefits consume a significant amount of government revenue and must be addressed in any comprehensive effort to rein in spending.

It has well been documented in recent years the amount of waste and graft associated with government personnel benefits. Because of public employee unions, lobbying efforts, and the nature of bureaucracies to expand and perpetuate their own growth, reforming and minimizing government has become an extremely difficult political challenge.

For the MyGovCost Calculator, Government Administration and Personnel Benefits includes all the spending associated with the operation of the federal government, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. It includes the federal government’s employee retirement and benefits programs, including those for veterans that are administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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