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Craig Eyermann is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.
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Illinois Comptroller Tells Governor: “The State Can No Longer Function”

Thursday June 22nd, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:21am PDT   •   0 Comments

Illinois’ fiscal situation is getting worse. ZeroHedge summarizes the state’s rapidly deteriorating predicament: With just 10 days to go until Illinois enters its third year without a budget, resulting in the state’s imminent downgrade to junk status and potentially culminating in a default for the state whose unpaid bills now surpass $15 billion, Democratic...
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Eliminating Federal Government Waste: Phase 1

Monday June 19th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:10am PDT   •   0 Comments

What a difference a small change in personnel at the White House makes! Nearly two and a half years after becoming President, Barack Obama finally got around to signing an executive order to establish the “Campaign to Cut Government Waste“, which promised to impose new oversight and accountability aimed at reducing waste, fraud and...
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Illinois Headed for the Junk Heap

Thursday June 15th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:41am PDT   •   0 Comments

Over the last several weeks, we’ve been watching a very strange race to the bottom between two very fiscally-troubled states, Illinois and Connecticut, where the state government of each seems intent on becoming the first U.S. state to crash its credit rating all the way down to junk status. It looks like Illinois’ state...
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Why Higher Taxes Won’t Pay for New Welfare Programs

Monday June 12th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:41am PDT   •   0 Comments

Economist Tyler Cowen has a thought-provoking op-ed in Bloomberg that challenges the government bureaucrat industrial complex argument that higher taxes on the rich will provide enough money to pay for every welfare program they want. Here’s perhaps the most eye-opening part of Cowen’s article: If we look at the overall fiscal position of the...
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Smarter Voters Reject Tax-Funded Sports Stadiums

Thursday June 8th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:45am PDT   •   0 Comments

What do the citizens of San Diego, California and St. Louis, Missouri have in common? In the world of professional major league sports, both cities have recently lost their National Football League franchise, with the billionaire owners of both the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Rams decamping for the “greener” pastures of...
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Trump Budget Slows Out of Control Medicaid Spending Growth

Monday June 5th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:24am PDT   •   0 Comments

When President Trump unveiled his official budget proposal for the U.S. government’s 2018 fiscal year two weeks ago, the proposal was greeted by headlines such the following from Bloomberg: Trump to Pitch Deep Cuts to Anti-Poverty Programs, Medicaid Or the following headline from the New York Times: Trump’s Budget Cuts Deeply Into Medicaid The...
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Illinois Charges to Lead in Race to Failed State Status

Friday June 2nd, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:50am PDT   •   0 Comments

There is a sad race underway between two fiscally-troubled states in the Union, where the state governments of both Connecticut and Illinois appear intent on becoming the first full U.S. state to file for the equivalent of bankruptcy. Just over a week ago, Connecticut took a strong step backward toward reaching that status first...
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The Deadly Outcomes of Single-Payer Health Care for Veterans

Monday May 29th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 6:49am PDT   •   0 Comments

How much has changed at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs over the last three years? That’s an important question to ask on this Memorial Day holiday. Just over three years ago, MyGovCost began covering the secret wait-list, healthcare-rationing scandal at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Here’s how we described the roots of...
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The Three Most Interesting Numbers in President Trump’s First Budget

Saturday May 27th, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 2:11pm PDT   •   0 Comments

Before diving into the more interesting numbers in President Trump’s first official budget proposal, let’s ask a budget-history trivia question: When was the last time that any U.S. president proposed a federal budget that would be balanced within 10 years? If you guessed President George W. Bush in 2007, you’re right! Now, suppose you...
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President Trump’s “Fat” Budget Proposal Arrives

Tuesday May 23rd, 2017   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 5:43am PDT   •   1 Comment

It’s here! After months of anticipation following March release of President Trump’s “skinny” budget proposal (cover pictured on the right), the president’s “fat” budget proposal is being released today. Bloomberg summarizes the main features that define President Trump’s first full budget proposal. President Donald Trump would dramatically reduce the U.S. government’s role in society...
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