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Going After Tax Deductions for Charity

Wednesday September 14th, 2011   •   Posted by Craig Eyermann at 2:30pm PDT   •   3 Comments

In 2009, Americans reported nearly $34.9 billion worth of donations to private charities serving the public interest on their federal tax forms, as they claimed the federal government’s tax deduction for charitable contributions on their taxes. Of all these donations, $19.14 billion, or 54.9%, were made by taxpayer households that reported $200,000 or more…
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Remembering The Independent Institute’s Warnings from 2009

Wednesday September 14th, 2011   •   Posted by Stephanie Freedman at 12:39pm PDT   •   0 Comments

I stumbled across an old article in our archive from 2 years ago that caught my eye. Research Fellow Randall G. Holcombe in “Transforming America: The Bush-Obama Stimulus Programs” discusses harmful policies and warns us of their implications. George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s “stimulus” programs will permanently transform the American economy. The market-based…
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