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Private vs. Public Investing

Friday July 22nd, 2011   •   Posted by Stephanie Freedman at 9:14am PDT   •   1 Comment

This article I found in “The Moral Liberal” discusses how the government takes on pet projects and decides to invest on behalf of it’s taxpayers. The article asserts an example of the business Solyndra Inc. which is ironically is located near The Independent Institute’s headquarters. The government’s “investment” in green energy startup Solyndra Inc. is a…
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Gang of Six Plan

Friday July 22nd, 2011   •   Posted by Emily Skarbek at 6:55am PDT   •   0 Comments

The latest effort coming out of Capitol Hill to reduce the debt and avoid default is called the “Gang of Six Plan”, named after its three Democrats and three Republican authors. The plan includes $500 billion in immediate “budget savings”, reductions in marginal income tax rates, and the abolition of the alternative minimum tax….
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