Whether we are talking about roads or light-rail, railways or canals, we are often told that without big government, people could never get from point A to point B. The reality is that government transportation programs are riddled with pork, typified by bridges and roads to nowhere, and often involve serious displacements of community sovereignty and property rights through confiscations of homes and businesses to build infrastructure when market alternatives are available and preferable.

Federal intervention in transportation was one of the first avenues for the nationalization of American life and the creation of the modern leviathan. But the romantic stories we hear about the railroads and highway system rest on a mountain of myths. Many billions could be saved every year simply by getting the federal government out of transportation and letting the states handle this crucial aspect of civilization. Even better, the market can replace most government transportation functions. Market solutions for transportation are not only a possibility; they were a reality in the past.

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